5 tips to consider while designing custom floor mats

If you are puzzled about whether to buy custom floor mats or not, investing in them would be a great option, especially for your business. By putting them, you are keeping your premises clean, preventing mishaps, and producing a warm & welcoming environment. Eventually, all these things will boost up the energy level of the guests or visitors.

Creating and customizing the logo is not a difficult task but should be done accurately to get the masterpiece. But before proceeding to the tips, let’s consider these goals:


The mat should be visible to the people. So before keeping it any place, make sure it will be visible to all the people. For this reason, it is large enough to get noticed by the people.

Catchy message

When you put a catchy message on your mat, it entertains visitors, and they feel refresh. But keep one thing in mind, the message you put should resonate with your brand value.


The mat you are giving for the customization should have mind refreshing colors, proper font, great visuals, and astounding print quality.

Let’s check out the five tips to get a well printed and well-designed mat’s design:

Consistency is everything

Marketing takes continuous efforts and thoughts flexibility to make custom logo rugs or mats that attract clients’ attention. That eventually lead to business growth. So before giving a custom logo for development, make sure you have everything under covered like underscore brand logo or image, theme color, design part, etc. Your custom floor mat should match up with your office theme.

Avoid vagueness

Do not opt for an overcrowding design. Rather than help, it will create confusion amongst the people. So, focus on making the mat that will gain you more business. Moreover, do not put everything on one mat – it will look cheesy.

To avoid confusion, you can do one thing – design individual mats for every room entrance and put the different messages on them.

Portrait or landscape orientation


What printing option to pick? Well. The answer depends on the design you select and the mat’s allocation. Here are the examples – 1) Suppose you are placing on the entrance, it is recommendable for landscape orientation. 2) If you want to locate it towards the hallway, portrait orientation would be a perfect choice.

Eye-catching color

Designing a custom logo mat needs your detailed attention. Therefore, while selecting the mat color, examine the place or room where you are locating it and accordingly pick the color. In the end, the color should motivate you and the visitors or employees of your company.

Quality and unique

Quality and uniqueness both are individual terms but important ones. However, pretty relatable as well. So your design should be unique, and the quality of the mat should be top-notch. This way, it will last longer, and the unique design attracts the visitors’ attention.

In the end

So these are the five tips that you should keep in mind before deciding on anything. Go through all the points thoroughly and personalize your mat with a unique design.


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