Baby Bib Gift Set is the Best and Useful Item for New Parents

Like diapers and pacifiers, bibs are also an important baby accessory. All babies need a barrier between their mouth and clothing to prevent spilling their food or liquid. It will only increase the household laundry for a mother or father if they neglect a bib. Thus, when you welcome a newly born in someone’s life, a bib gift set is the best way to help them avoid loads of laundry.

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Benefits of Buying Baby Bib Gift Set

New parents are always in confusion and with concerns about their baby. Gifting those useful items help them getting less stress out of their life. Baby bib gift sets might be an ordinary item, but it is one of the most important like diaper which is used daily. Below mentioned are few reasons indicating the importance of buying bibs –

  • Most friends and family buy toys for the newborn kid and at the end of the day these toys pile up in the kitchen, rooms, and bathrooms also. Every time they will need a new toy whenever they enter the supermarket, but bibs are useful and even if they fade in color, they still solve the purpose of keeping clothes clean.
  • Sentimental gifts like photo album or frame, ceramic teddy bear, or foot and handprint on ceramic will be kept in the room on shelves and accumulate dust. However, bibs will be used daily whether it is home, car, shopping malls, or gatherings.
  • Gifting baby clothing to new parents is quite common, but we also know that kids grow fast, thus you either gift them a size larger which is kept in the wardrobe or you gift them the exact size which is thrown away after few months. Bibs have no size issues, same bib can be used for five years if kept properly.

It is very rare to see people gifting bibs in a baby shower or newborn baby welcoming party. This is because infants are fed with a bottle and a bib is required only when they start sitting on high chairs for spoon-feeding. Thus, people think the right age for a bib is 18 months age. Initially, you might feel that bib is not as useful as it seems. However, even while feeding through the bottle, infants spill milk from their mouths. The bib is indeed a useful item for every age.

Bibs can be personalized with messages or baby prints. You can always print motivational messages for new parents when they miss their sleep and quality time. Feeding time can be stressful and enjoyable as well. Some kids eat whatever they’re given while some will spill out food that doesn’t taste good. Bibs, burps, high chair ad feeding set may not help in gulping food, but they can surely help in other sides of feeding.

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