All You Need to Know About Rendering

If you are living in Australia then I am sure you will know that traditional cement retendering is popularly known as solid plastering. Besides, both the traditional and modern solid plastering involves in the application of a mixture, which consists of lime, cement, water and sand to the bricks, stone and concrete blocks. You can get your walls painted once you are done with this process. Cement rendering is not is only done to the exterior walls, but also to the interior walls and garden fences.

Step by Step Guide – Traditional Rendering 

  • The first and foremost step involves in preparing your walls for rendering. Wondering how to prepare your walls for rendering? It is very simple. Use a brush to clean the dust on your walls. You can also use a sand paper to make the uneven surfaces on your walls even. Make sure that old render or old paint is removed properly before beginning the process.

Otherwise, this rendering will last to the existing surface only for a short time. You should also use an anti-fungal wash to prevent the growth of mould in future.

  • The next step involves in installing vertical battens. This ensures that the end result is always flat.
  • Read the instructions of the manufacturers before starting with the application of plaster as the drying time generally varies from product to product.
  • Mix the rendering materials like cement, water, sand and etc properly before applying it. Apply the prepared mixture properly to the bricks or concrete blocks, for whichever you have prepared it.
  • Once the rendering is done for all sections and dried, start with painting.

Additional Tips

Make sure that rendering is done only in the good weather. In fact, the weather should not be either too windy or too hot. You should also avoid doing this in direct sunlight. Spray some water to keep the surface damp. Don’t make the surface wet completely with water.

The beauty of a house always depends on rendering. And, this is the reason why people apply it in different ways to see a different and unique look. As it would be difficult for any individual to do this work on his/her own, it is better to hire a company, which offer services related to cement rendering in Sydney. I know with so company companies everywhere it can be very confusing for you to find out which company offers good services and which don’t. Don’t worry! Here is a piece of advice for you.

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