Why Should You Maintain Proper Stopping And Following Distances?

With a few years of driving, you would find that the bumper of your car has already suffered a lot after going through ‘numerous battles’. The scratches and dents are enough evidence that most vehicles on the road have rear end collisions on an average basis. In Australia, among the common causes of car accidents, rear end collisions remain at the forefront and claim many deaths and injuries per year.

But, one must understand that not all rear end collisions are caused by aggressive driver’s tailgating. Some inexperienced and ignorant drivers fail to understand the importance of maintaining an appropriate distance from preceding vehicles and halting distance.

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Why Is It Important to Understand Following and Stopping Distance?

While on the road you might face many unexpected situations suddenly. Maintaining proper following distance gives you enough time and space to react. In this way, you can easily save yourself from a collision when the car in front turns suddenly or slams on the brake. It also avoids rear end collision with the cars in the back as the chain is not suddenly disrupted. When you maintain the right distance you can avoid all kinds of mishap.

Estimate Following and Stopping Distance

Trying to calculate the following distance is not easy at first. You cannot be sure of the distance by measuring the distance physically. It is not at all feasible. Rather you need to estimate the time it takes for the vehicle to stop after you slam the brake and the speed of the vehicle.

One of the important facts that you should not miss is that light and heavy vehicles take different amounts of time to stop. There is a simple trick to predict the safe distance you should maintain – observe when the vehicle in front you crosses a fixed object and how long it takes for you to reach the same place. Slow down a little bit if you take less than three seconds.

Aspects That Can Influence Prediction of Stopping Distance

When you are driving you may find the following factors to influence your reaction time –

  • Concentration level
  • Weather condition and problem of visibility
  • The ability to recognize road hazards
  • Fatigue or intoxication

The other factors that affect the stopping distance are –

  • Vehicle weight
  • Brake and tyre condition
  • Type of road surface
  • Slope of the road

Apart from these factors, it is better to keep extra distance, when the weather condition is bad. Lastly, distraction while driving will always put you in danger. Always remember to follow these rules while stopping your car or even while following any vehicle while driving.

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