Eight Benefits Derived From Use of 0-10 Volt Dimming Lighting Control System

Dimming light control system has been around for a while, especially from the times when the fluorescent light dimming was introduced, and even today it is considered to be an effective method to dim the lights. Most of the time it is usually 0-10V dimmers that are widely used in the form of LED dimming options, which are quite reliable and also controllable.

What any 0-10V dimmer will do is just mitigate a control signal of DC voltage, between 10 volts and 0 volts. While your unit will be set to 10 volt, it will be at the maximum output possible. Similarly, when it will be at 0 volt, it will be at the minimal output.

Various lighting control systems work well with led lighting but, the 0-10v dimming system has outwitted all. As the name suggests, it operates in a very simple manner with the voltage ranging from zero to ten. When the voltage is at zero the output should also be zero and the light should be off. When the voltage is at ten the output should be at 100% power output and the brightness should be at 100%.

  1. Robust technology

Even with the rapidly growing economy 0-10v dimming technology has remained the most commonly used in both commercial and domestic lighting. It is a well-understood technology that works perfectly with LEDs. Although it is an old technology, it keeps on advancing from time to time to meet the expectations of the users.

  1. Easy to Understand

The technology used in 0-10v dimming is straight forward. You only require a written guide to follow. Any literate person can use the guide for connectivity. This makes the installation very cheap and affordable to ordinary citizens.

  1. No Specialized Knowledge is required

The installation of 0-10v dimming lights is not complicated and does not require an engineer to fix. Unlike other lighting control systems that require an engineer to oversee the installation, 0-10v dimming lighting control system only requires manpower to get it fixed

  1. The traditional way of dimming

The technology has been in use since time immemorial. It is said to be a known protocol used by our forefathers. It’s the technology that has given rise to the new upcoming light dimming technologies. As the saying goes “better the devil you know than the angle that you don’t know” Better the technology that has been used for ages than a new technology that has not gone through the test of time.

  1. Simple to diagnose 

In case of any problem, it is very simple to diagnose without seeking the services of experts. You only need to test the voltage and identify the cause of the problem. Also, the spare parts are affordable and readily available

  1. No software is needed

Unlike other light dimming control system, 0-10v does not use the software. This, therefore, saves you the hustle of software programming and the need to look for a software engineer for the installation and repair of minor problems.

  1. Low-Cost Dimming Method

As we have seen above, 0-10v dimming solutions do not require complicated technology thus making it cost-effective. Also, the fact that you do not require an engineer and software installations makes it more affordable. It is also important to mention that all the materials required for installation are readily available at affordable prices.

  1. Good Compatibility

In terms of compatibility, it can be rated as number one among other dimming control systems. It also offers an excellent dimming effect. Unlike other solutions, you can run a signal wire for a long distance and mix appliances. For instance, you can run 0-10v fluorescent and LED on the same signal.

What should you look for while picking any 0-10V controller?

Mostly, dimming ballasts as well as dimming power supplies for LED use 0-10 volt control signals for controlling dimming functions. In number of cases, dimming range of your power supply or ballast will be limited.

In case, light output has to be dimmed from 100 percent down to 10 percent, there must be certain relay or switch available for killing power to system and turn off your light completely.

Most of the 0-10V controllers will offer either external line-voltage relay or built-in type of line voltage relay. Based on your application, these options need to be considered.

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