3 Home Exteriors for Different Aesthetics

Whether you want a classic look, or a modern and funky exterior, here are three different categories you can draw inspiration from to revamp your house.


If you like to keep it real, then stonework can be a good choice for you. Having an exterior that is emblazoned with natural stones conveys feelings of integrity, steadfastness, and stability. You can choose to go with partial coverage, or do an entirely stone-covered house. Stone is a flexible medium as it can be applied in classic formulations or can be modern and current looking as well. Simply opt for more light or neutral colored stones and have them used in smooth sheets and shapes, rather than rounded, more traditional forms if you want a more modern look.

Bricks are another quaint aesthetic that are very similar to stones. They instantly evoke images of quaint cottages and English countrysides. Add some creeping ivy, a chimney, and a fireplace, and you are all set to complete this look and feel for your home. It is termite proof and can help protect your house from the elements when harsh weather hits.


Next, there is wood. Wood brings warmth, harmony, and nature. You can either do wood paneling around the exterior or go full-on log cabin. If you are just beginning to build you should consider constructing a legitimate log cabin. They are very energy efficient and reduce the opportunity for pests and mold to grow unseen in between walls. However, if your home is already built, you can get a faux log-cabin look for all of the charm with none of the upkeep.

Wood paneling on a house has a few advantages over using vinyl siding. One is that it is easy to install. Some other benefits include it’s thermal and noise dampening properties, ease of use to paint, and that of its classic look and charm.


A stucco mix can create a clean, natural, and attractive look. Instead of a myriad of horizontal lines breaking up the visual surface of a house, it is just one clean, solid state, thanks to stucco mixes. They are very easy to maintain and their excellent energy efficiency make them the go-to choice for houses built in hotter climates.

Some additional benefits of this pleasing finish are its natural resistance to fire, lasting durability, and relatively low upkeep. If you are unsure which finish is possible for your structure, or which choice would best fit your home, ask your local contractor about whether using stone, wood, or a stucco mix would be best for your property.

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