Six Ways to Communicate with Your Kids About COVID-19

Ever since COVID-19 has become an epidemic in the whole the world, certainly there is a feeling of stress, anxiety and uncertainty in every home. Also, kids are not unaffected to all these.

If your kids are in their teens, then certainly they too must be reading misinformation that is being spread on the internet and social media.

So, under such circumstances, how should you communicate with your kids? In this article, we have provided 6 ways to communicate with them, as per the adolescent psychologist. Also, encourage them to use 3 Ply masks while going out.

  • Maintain calm and be proactive

It is important that you must maintain your calm when you are interacting with them otherwise it can scare them too. Tell them that this is some kind of flu and one should not panic because of COVID-19.

Having said this, you must also explain them about the need to wash their hands regularly and stay at home.

  • Stick to your routine

Kids will always observe their parents very closely and may be concerned if they find something unusual with your schedule. So, you must develop certain daily routine for yourself and always stick to your routine.

Also, give your kids certain interesting tasks so that they may remain busy with it. Sometimes you too may get involved with their task and help them.

  • Allow your kids to feel their emotions

Now, since all the schools and other educational institutions have been closed, and also children cannot go out to play, which will obviously make them frustrated and often may behave irrationally. Try to understand their problem and show your empathy and support them time to time.

  • Ask occasionally what they have heard about COVID-19

Since, lots of misinformation is circulating all around about COVID-19 and certainly your adolescent kids are not untouched with all those rumors. Time to time interact with them and ask them what they have heard about this epidemic.

Try to reply them with factual information that you know instead of beating around the bush. If they ask any question that you really do not know then don’t give them any vague answer.

Rather try to explore the answer along with them. Give your kids a feeling that you are always with them.

  • Create welcome distraction

All of us are going through difficult emotions and hence involve your kids in certain new kind of games like quizzes about various current topics so that they remain little distracted from what is going on in the outside world.

You may also try to cook a different kind of meal along with them where they also take their part. You may also rotate the role after few days.

  • Check your own behavior

Try to control on your own emotions and avoid showing your frustration before your kids. Don’t share all your fears with them as your children will rely more on you. Make sure that by watching your behavior they should also not feel concerned.

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