3 Tech Innovations That Shaped Filmmaking Today

There’s no denying that, as technology advanced, society improved with it. After all, it made various things more convenient and efficient. One industry that has been truly affected by this is film. Both digital and mechanical innovations have influenced how movies were made and the manner that audiences consumed them.

This medium has just been around for less than 2 centuries, but it’s completely changed how people appreciate art. To get an idea of how the biggest tech innovations through the years have shaped filmmaking today, read on.

Lightweight Equipment

During its early years, film had a larger than life mystique about it because of how technology limited the way it was made. You can’t really connect with the characters because you can’t hear them talk and the camera was set on a single angle. They were too heavy to lift after all.

That said, after lightweight and smaller cameras with sound recording devices were made available, a shift in style began to rise. They used the freedom of movement to show angles that captured emotions more clearly to tell stories better. Filmmakers were also now able to shoot scenes on location, not just in the studio.

Green Screen

Hollywood is known for huge productions that have the money to shoot in different locations. But, not everyone had the same budget. Shooting in areas like the desert and forest was the norm, but it can cost a lot. Also, weather conditions have huge impacts. You can’tproceed if it’s raining and gloomy when the script calls for a sunny and warm scene.

This is where the green screen technology came in useful. Essentially, it involved actors performing against a blank colored wall. Anyone who watches this clip will find it bland, but the post-production process is where the magic happens.

The single-colored background is used to make editing easier. It’s then replaced with a computer-generated location. This technique allowed filmmakers to shoot scenes ‘anywhere in the world’ but in the comfort of a studio.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

With all the advances in computer technology, seeing computer-generated imagery was unavoidable. At first, it was just a novelty, but as it progressed, it was able to connect the gap between fantasy and reality. Animations looked more lifelike.

Films that used CGI were able to do more than just enhancements; they were able to build full sets with a computer. Like with green screen technology, this was able to cut production costs.

Many might assume that these technological advancements can only be used by big production houses. But, that’s not necessarily true. If you are an aspiring filmmaker, you can easily find professional services and green screen studios in NYCat reasonable rates.

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