Have Your Clothes Cleaned and Ironed at Home with Laundry Service

In our busy schedule, we may not find time to wash our clothes and iron them. Everyone will not be in a position to buy one washing machine because of affordability both in cost and space it occupies.

Why spend your weekend sorting and folding clothes? People need more convenient solution to suit their hectic life. Just bundle up your dirty clothes in a bag and keep it outside your door, you get them neatly ironed! Laundry saves you from frustration and stress. You can just sit back or spend that time with your family or friends as you wish.

The Shirt Butler, with polite and friendly professionals, provides an excellent service in laundry. They pick up and deliver at your door step.

Laundry becomes essential when there is a stain that can’t be removed safely at home or when quality wash is needed for different kind of fabrics. For instance, some kind of fabric may shrink or bleed when you handwash, in those cases laundry is the best choice.

Because of the increasing demand for laundry, so many laundry service providers are emerging everywhere. But choosing the best laundry is the real challenge.

Here we can give you some suggestions you need to take into account while choosing one.

Look for their reviews

While searching for the best laundry service provider, as a first thing you will get numerous options if you search online. Select some providers with high rating. You can go through the reviews and have an idea of who provides the best service.

Check the Price

It is not necessary that you should pay higher price for a highly rated company. Remember not to go too cheap because at lower rate you may not expect the finishing you want. Call a few laundries in your local area to get the idea of current rate. You can compare and choose which will suit you.


The more flexible the provider, the happier you will be. Check with them if they can reschedule your appointment if you, by chance, couldn’t make the pickup schedule.

Check the provider is able to give you the option of detergent to be used. Whether you are allergic to any detergents or you want your clothes to be air dried or whatever your concern is, make sure that the laundry service you choose are willing to do it for you.

Pickup and delivery

Choose one who will provide pickup and delivery at your door steps. It will be added benefit if they can provide this for free and at your convenience. Some professional laundry service providers keep you informed of their every step so that you are well informed.

Ensure the care given

Make sure that your clothes are washed separately and with utmost care. Ask them what kind of measures they take for ensuring your clothes are not mixed up with that of others. Make sure how do they compensate if your clothes are not washed or ironed well, damaged or lost.

Considering all these points before you choose the laundry service provider, hope you will easily find the best one that suits you.

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