Get Your Brilliance Printed for the World to Read!

You’ve lived with it for years. It’s been your constant companion. It’s your child, your baby, the fruit of your fertile imagination. It’s been your best friend and your worst enemy. Oh, how it’s tormented you! In return, you’ve loved it, and hated it! It’s driven you mad. But you’ve always kissed and made up. It’s taken years, blood, sweat, toil, and tears. For years it lived inside you, at times consuming you with its intensity and the need to get it out. And now, it’s finally finished. It’s finally out. Finally, you’re free.

Congratulations! You’ve written your first book, and though it may end up being your last, you’ve done it. So, what if it’s “only” a comic book you’ve decided to call The Adventures of Super-Intelligent Me vs. My Stupid Friends Who Said I’d Never Write a Book? It’s yours. It’s your masterpiece. Your magnum opus. Your War and Peace. The work of a lifetime. And after all the work you’ve done, you’re a pro at the process.

The Writing “Process”

They call it a process, but the so-called writing process is more akin to carrying a child to term. You labor so long to bring your gift into the world, and suddenly it’s done.

Maybe the writing process began for you like the apple falling on Newton’s head. You know, a eureka moment followed by furiously writing down what flowed from your brain. More likely, the whole thing from start to finish was like being sentenced to hard labor in a salt mine—tireless effort, tireless struggle for very little daily gain. Or maybe you’ve found your own unique third way to bring your baby into the world. However, you did it; the fact is you did it! Finally, you can present your gift to the world and rest.

Wait. What was that last part? No, not the resting part. The other part. This whole time you’ve ignored the other process, the book printing, or in your case, comic book printing process. Exactly how do you get your book printed to present to an admiring public?

How Do I Get My Brilliance Printed?

It’s said that writing is a lonely, solitary pursuit, but you don’t have to tackle the book printing process alone! You take care of the hard part, the creative part. Then let someone else take care of turning it into something readers will be happy to have in their hands or on their bookshelves. Whether you think of your book, or yes, even comic book, as your masterpiece, your magnum opus, or your War and Peace, it’s in good hands!

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