Benefits of Having a Buddy Bench

A study was performed on students between the fourth and twelveth grade, and it was discovered that approximately 49% of them admitted to having been bullied at least once during the school year. Childhood years can be challenging, as there’s a lot to learn in general, but also socially and of understanding of self. However, when a child is bullied this can make their childhood years especially problematic and lonely. This is why the Buddy Bench was created. A Buddy Bench can be strategically placed on playgrounds or around the schoolyard to promote understanding and care among the students. Here are some benefits of having a Buddy Bench.

How the Buddy Bench Works

How does the Buddy Bench do its job? Well, the Buddy Bench can sometimes be painted in fun, cheerful colors, or it can look just like any standard bench. Some Buddy Benches can have a sign on them, that identifies it as a Buddy Bench. A student can sit on the Buddy Bench at any time should they feel that they need a friend, someone to play with or talk to, or if they just feel lonely.

This will allow other students to see that there is someone on the bench in need of a friend, and respond accordingly. Another child may come and sit with the child on the Buddy Bench or they may invite the child to come play with them or join them. The concept of the Buddy Bench is simple and easy to understand, but it has been the saving grace of many children.

Helps Children Work Through Their Struggles Positively

There can be numerous reasons that could cause a child to struggle at school. Some of them could be experiencing problems in their homes, where certain negative aspects of that can linger into their school day. This can cause the student to feel stressed-out, unwelcomed, or even unloved. This can spill over into their social lives and how they interact with their peers. They could wind up feeling left out and lonely. The Buddy Bench can help the child who doesn’t know how to interact with other children, take steps to overcome their struggles. It gives them control, by putting them in the driver’s seat, to voice when they are in need of a companion.

Giving Builds Confidence

The children who take notice and respond, also get to take advantage of the boost of internal confidence that is experienced through giving. They will learn their own power, and how they can use that power to change someone’s day or life, for the better. Consider a Buddy Bench for your school or organization.

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