3 Technological Innovations From the Past Decade

Today, it’s hard to last a whole day when you forget to bring your phone with you. After all, it essentially has everything you need, from apps for entertainment to those for utility. Aside from that small device you keep in your pocket, people use other gadgets in their everyday lives. It’s difficult to imagine life without them.

That said, the gadgets and apps that have become central to society didn’t even exist a decade ago. Read on to learn how they started and how they made an impact in that short amount of time.


Smartphones started to gain popularity in the 2010 s. Now,they’re truly indispensable in both private and work lives due to their ever-growing power in terms of capacity and performance. They can replace your laptop while offering more mobility, availability, and flexibility. They let you stay connected with everyone. You also get cameras that produce top-quality photos, something their predecessors lacked for a long time.

Things you do that required a desktop or laptop like online shopping, banking, checking social media, and sending emails are now part of the smartphone experience. It can even replace your credit card since you can download apps that serve as virtual replacements.

Social Media

Aside from smartphones, social media turned out to be a dominant force in the last decade. At first, it was mainly for micro blogging and photo sharing. But, as soon as each platform’s user base grew to millions, many understood that it could be more than just a place to show cute dog GIF s.

Companies started using it to advertise because it’s one of the fastest ways to reach a wider audience.Almost everyone around the world is on it. A simple share or repost can eventually spread like wildfire across the Internet.

Artificial Intelligence

A few years back, this was just the stuff of science fiction, but today, artificial intelligence or AI is as real as it can get. And, the advancements in machine learning mean that these things are smarter now.

From automated codingto robotics, artificial intelligence has plenty of applications. But, one of the most common that’s made for everyday use is the virtual assistant. It can tell you anything, from the weather to updates on the latest headlines. It’s usually found in phones, but some versions are in speakers for home entertainment.

These examples only scratch the surface of the major breakthroughs in the last decade. As people who took an innovation program dare to dream, you have plenty more to look forward to.

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