3 Reasonable Accommodations for Employees With Mobility Issues

Are you a person with mobility issues who’s ready to get back into the job market? You can sign up for the Social Security Ticket to Work program to find employment. With government assistance, you’ll discover all available opportunities out there.

When you’re choosing a company, carefully consider the benefits they offer for people with disabilities (PWDs). They have to provide reasonable accommodations that won’t cause them undue hardship. These are adjustments in the workplace environment, processes, conditions, and equipment that help employees accomplish their tasks. Here are examples of what an organization should set up.

Ramps and Elevators

Many people with mobility disabilities use wheelchairs in their day-to-day activities. It may be difficult for them to access areas via a stairway. So, companies must build ramps to help them. These must have an incline ratio of 1:16 to 1:20. Those with steeper slopes should come with handrails.

They can also be set up inside the building to help people access higher floors. But, these take up a lot of space, as more floor area is needed to create a two-part ramp with a  gradual incline.

For architecture that can’t accommodate ramps, companies must install elevators or automatic lifts. If none of these structures are available, they should create an alternative workspace.

Special Parking

To make the building even more accessible, employers should provide special parking areas. They should be located right next to an entrance and at least one space mustbe big enough for wheelchair vans.The total number of allocated slots depends on the overall vehicle count the lot is designed to hold. They have to have a 2:50 ratio.

Accessible Toilets

Another essential accommodation is a special bathroom. These are stalls or entire lavatories made for the exclusive use of PWDs. They’re two or three times bigger than public toilets, giving an individual more room to move around and park their wheelchair. They’re also fitted with railings that can support someone’s weight.

Wider Doorways

The establishment must have doorways that are big enough to accommodate wheelchairs. Frames can come in varieties of 18 to 48 inches. To make a workplace more accessible to people with mobility issues, all exterior and interior doors must at least be32 inches wide, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

These are just some examples of accommodations to look out for. Keep them in mind so you can find the best ticket to work program social security Administration.

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