Tips to Choose Correct Lighting Fixtures and Mistakes to Avoid

Round or oval is the common shape for chandeliers, shades, and lamps but at times it does not blend well with a specific space. You can hang an array of oval pendants but many options for rectangular chandeliers are available for huge dining rooms or conference rooms. Choices can range from glitzy and glamorous to rustic varieties to lamps with a rectangular shape that can grab attention.

Poorly lit office space makes working ambiance uncomfortable, so businesses need to adapt different lighting techniques suitable for the kind of work handled in a specific department. Even homeowners need to consider rectangular chandelier or pendant for their living or dining area. Choose a lighting fixture that blends with the surrounding décor.

Rectangular lighting fixtures allow designers to go beyond the standard when they consider leading-edge designs and shapes. It can colorful, weird, funky, or elegant. It offers an opportunity to have fun with lighting décor scheme.

Tips to choose the best lighting fixtures

  • Bulbs have a clear range in terms of color and intensity. Balance is crucial, so ensure to choose all the lights with the same color temperature all across. Different color temperatures can kill the mood and dampen the environment.
  • Position lighting source away from the computer screen to lessen the extreme lighting effect. Task light bulbs have low glare, which is a healthy option.
  • Direct lighting causes eye strains and severe headaches therefore space light sources properly. It ensures that light produced reaches every corner in a room.
  • Walls and floors need to have neutral colors because reflection sharpness can be low. Extreme paint color can overstate a vague appearance, which can lessen the space appeal.
  • Blend natural light with low-wattage task lights. It helps to improve space clarity.
  • The choice of bulb size will depend on the size of the room. Small room means small bulbs and large bulbs serve spacious room best. If you install small bulbs in the spacious room then the situation looks awkward. Large space needs bulb with high intensity and vice versa.

Costly errors to avoid while choosing lighting fixtures

  • No planning – Planning is crucial. If lighting fixtures are bought at random, you will soon discover that the selection was wrong. To avoid frustration, have a clear plan on what kind of lighting fixture to buy and where to place it.
  • No budget – Cheap lighting can be a cost-effective solution while purchasing but can fail soon and transform into an expensive option. Costly lighting fixtures can hamper your affordability. It is sensible to determine a suitable budget with clear details on the kind of lighting fixtures and stick to it.
  • Improper installation – DIY helps to save on installation costs. However, improper installation can cause poor lighting effects due to wrong angle positioning or breakage because of careless handling. Electricians are skilled and have a lot of experience, so it is sensible to hire them for lighting fixture installation tasks. You can use the time saved to perform some productive work.
  • The wrong color – After lighting installation, the room has to look bright and not dim or boring. Neutral colors are the best options because every person can tolerate its brightness well.

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