How to Reduce Risk When Buying Used Laptops

In the technology world, most IT professionals recognize two types of conditions when it comes to equipment: new and used. If something is new, it’s never been used before, and if it’s used, it means someone owned it before you. When buying a used piece of technology, you want to be sure that you’re not buying someone else’s problem. This is where refurbishing comes into play. Refurbishing means taking equipment that was owned by someone else and restoring it to like-new condition. Since this doesn’t come without risk, you want to ask the following key questions before making your purchase.

Ask about equipment testing.

A comprehensive test needs to be completed on all equipment components. If anything fails, a technician will have to determine whether or not the component can be repaired and if so, how much that repair will cost. Anything that can’t be fixed or will cost too much is scrapped and replaced with something that meets quality standards at a more cost-friendly price. Ask for the test record so you can see the full details.

Ask about the cleaning process.

When it comes to refurbished laptops, you want to make sure that what you’re getting is cleaned inside and out. You don’t want someone else’s dust bunnies relocating to your business. Part of the testing requires taking all the components apart to check their functionality, so this is the ideal time for technicians to ensure they are as good as new when they reach you. Along with getting cleaned, the exterior might even get painted if needed. Ask the reseller about the cleaning steps taken and request pictures as proof of their efforts.

Ask about customization.

When laptops are refurbished, they’re set to the original equipment manufacturer settings, which means you’re working with a blank slate that sees itself as new. There is a broad range of configurations with many upgrade options so make sure you ask about how you can customize the best used Dell laptops for sale to your specifications.

Ask about warranties.

Most legitimate IT resellers offer warranties on their refurbished equipment because they stand behind their work. These warranties can include protection for onsite upgrades or come with extended terms ranging from 30 days to several years. Be sure to ask the reseller what their warranties cover and how long the terms are.

When you buy used Dell laptops you can save a lot of money. Just make sure that the used equipment you’re purchasing has also been refurbished and you will reduce your risk.

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