Tips for Creating a Disability-Friendly Workplace

As a business manager, it’s your duty to advocate against discrimination in the workplace. One way to accomplish that is to make the company more accessible to persons with disabilities. Read on to learn some tips in doing it:

Conduct Seminars and Forums

Your company can collaborate with nonprofit organizations to conduct awareness training for your employees. This will teach them the right way to interact with a person with a disability. Members of the HR department can even participate in seminars where they can learn sign language and other communication techniques. This helps them in case they need to interview a person with hearing or cognitive impairments.

It’s also a good idea to partner with the Social Security Administration so you can participate in the Disability Ticket to Work Program. Doing so will help you learn about the benefits and special privileges you should give your employees with disabilities.

Invest in Assistive Technology

Most jobs today require the aid of computers and devices, which can be challenging for a person with a hearing or visual impairment or an individual who has cognitive disabilities. To help them in carrying out their tasks, invest in assistive technology and adaptive tools like:

  • Braille typesets
  • Color-coded keyboards
  • Ergonomic keyboards
  • Listening devices
  • On-screen reading software
  • Reading pens
  • Portable spell checkers
  • Easy-grip computer mouse
  • Automatic page turners
  • Talking calculators, clocks, and calendars
  • Speech recognition and sign language tools

Prioritize Accessibility

Prioritize accessibility by having the right equipment that’ll help your employees with disabilities move around. For starters, make sure your workplace is equipped with wheelchair-accessible doorways, ramps, lifts, and Braille-enabled elevator buttons. You can also have the building renovated for extra-wide corridors and hallways.

There are construction companies that specialize in renovating old office buildings and making them more accessible to people with disabilities. Enlist the services of these contractors.

You can also allow your disabled employees to work remotely. It might be easier for them to accomplish their tasks in the comfort of their homes.

Employing people with disabilities is beneficial for your company. It means you’re drawing talent from a larger, more diverse pool. If you’re looking for qualified individuals, you can seek help from various organizations and government agencies. Attend training seminars initiated by nonprofits and participate in the Ticket to Work program by the Social Security Administration. This way, you’re sure to find applicants who are also in search for jobs.

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