Important Things You Should Know When Taking Test Drive Of An Electric Car

No theoretical research would equal the knowledge you gain by taking a test drive. An extensive test-drive is a must before you finalize the buying deal. It gives the buyer an assurance that the model they are choosing fulfills the requirements, and preferences of a car buyer.

Here are some of the important things that you need to know when planning a test drive for your vehicle.

What makes Electric car special than normal cars?

Electric vehicles have a different feel on the road when compared to a traditional car. Their driving demeanor varies from one model to another.

These cars are designed with a powerful electric motor that delivers 100 percent of available power immediately and constantly via its single-speed transmission system. It is important to fix a test drive appointment in advance so the staff keeps the vehicle ready for you.

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Before test drive

Familiarize yourself with the vehicle before taking it on the road. Check the location of the trunk to ensure is it adequate for your shopping trip, and its keyless entry system is operating intuitively, and smoothly. Find if there are adequate headroom and leg-room for back-seat passengers and the easy adjustment of front seats.

Check how easy it is to take your children in and out of the child seats in the vehicle. Occupy the driving seat and check how convenient or tough it is going to enter a vehicle, via the door shape, and position of the steering wheel, and seat. Check the level of back support that the driving seat provides and how conveniently your feet touch the pedals.

Adjust side, and rear mirrors, wear the seatbelt and tilt steering wheel, to get into an upright driving position. Look at the storage space to store valuables such as wallets, sunglasses, and mobile phones.

Learn about other built-in features such as overly complicated video displays, touch-screen controls, switches, dials, the audio system, navigation, infotainment systems, climate, etc. Note how convenient or difficult it is going to be to operate while you are focused on driving.

While you test drive

Take your EV on the routes on which you commute regularly. If you want to test it on some harder routes, then take it on a highway to find out how quickly it combines into quick-moving traffic, assess its passing capabilities, and figure out its stability at high speeds.

Learn out the features specially designed in electric cars such as regenerative braking, “one-pedal” driving, etc. and check how comfortable you are while operating these features in the vehicle.


As electric car differs from a regular car, it is important to take test drives on multiple models to find the right model. The above tips will guide you to accomplish this task effectively.

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