Can Your Backyard Pool Be Removed?

While some people love having a pool in their backyard, others find it to be a nuisance due to the time and cost involved in maintaining this amenity. Still others simply have a pool in such bad shape that it’s not worth repairing and updating it for them. But a pool is an enormous backyard structure, and is not so easily removed. You may be wondering if it can be removed at all and, if so, how it’s done. Keep reading to learn more.

Filling with Dirt

This is the simplest and most affordable option. However, it doesn’t entirely get rid of the pool. This process simply involves draining the pool by hammering a large hole in the bottom, then disconnecting the electricity, capping the plumbing lines, and removing any pool equipment. Once this is done, the pool is backfilled with dirt. The pool wall and any surrounding decking remains intact. This may work for some backyard designs, but for others, it is very obvious that you simply have a dirt-filled hole in your backyard.

Pool Fill-In

This method is similar to a dirt fill, as it involves disconnecting equipment, capping the plumbing lines, and disconnecting any electricity. The pool is also drained via a large hole hammered into the bottom. However, the main difference here is that the deck, as well as the top 1.5 to 2 feet of the pool’s walls are removed and placed into the pool. This acts as a base for the fill, which is then covered with clean dirt and compacted.

Because the deck and top portion of the walls are removed, this provides a more seamless finish to your backyard. It also allows you more freedom as you re-landscape your yard, as there is enough dirt for you to add plants and even sprinkler systems to the area that used to contain your pool. This is the most popular choice when hiring a pool removal service in Phoenix, AZ.

Total Removal

The final choice is a total removal of the pool. As the name implies, it involves totally removing the pool structure, then filling in the space with dirt. This is the option you should choose if you hope to use your backyard space to build a new structure or add onto your home.

If you want to remove your pool, look for a pool removal service in Phoenix AZ, to get a quote on each of these different options.

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