Tips for Helping Someone Through a Major Depressive Episode

Depression can strike virtually anyone at any time. There does not need to be an event that kicks it off, but if left untreated, a depressive incident can escalate to a full scale crisis. If you are faced with a friend or relative having a major depressive incident, apart from searching on “depression treatment centers near me,” here are some suggestions to help you help them.


Depression can sneak up on a person or it can be something they live with on a daily basis. When their depression reaches a crisis point, the most important thing you can do besides working with them to get help is to listen to them. Even a person in crisis will usually be willing to talk about how they are feeling and why (if they know) and that alone buys you some time to get them help.

Don’t Fix

Because depression is not a “state of mind” that a pep talk can cure, it is important that while listening to them, you not try and “fix” the situation. Discuss their situation, how they are feeling, why they might be feeling that way and possible treatment alternatives. Avoid demonstrative statements and “you should do this …” type comments. Remember, your job is to help them through the crisis not fix them.

Affirm Your Caring and Love

One of the most basic ways you can help someone in a depressive state is to affirm to them that they mean the world to you and you love them. Even if they are not a close loved one, letting them know you care can go a long way to helping them through whatever they are facing. Let them know that you are available to them whenever they need you even if you may not fully understand what they are going through.

Take Action

You will not be able to convince someone to seek help if they are not receptive to the idea. What you can do is help them through the crisis. Ask them if there is anything you can do for them. Offer to help them with daily tasks or any activities they want to do.

Finally, bring up seeking professional help, but gently. Almost no one want to acknowledge they need help beyond their own capabilities. Suggest treatment alternatives, including searching for the best treatment centers for depression in your area. Above all, let them know you will be with them every step of the way.

A major depressive episode in a person’s life should never be taken lightly. One way to start to help your friend or loved one is to help them search for “depression treatment centers near me” and then take the advice above.

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