What Can You Do While In Batam Island?

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If you are currently in Singapore, you need to know about batam island that lies just a short boat ride to its south— unless you have already been to the Island before. Batam is the entrance into Indonesia closest to Singapore; a trip from Singapore to Batam can be taken within hours so it is possible for you to traverse the small strait separating the two back and forth. If you have heard about Batam, chances are the information you had is mainly emphasized on the fact that the Island is full of industrial facilities and factories. Well, FYI, Batam is in fact more than just that. The oval-shaped island has tons of tourist attractions that are sure not to miss out on. People traveling to either Singapore or Malaysia commonly take an additional trip to Batam to round up their Southeastern vacation. Batam boasts everything from vibrant nightlife to huge shopping malls to wonderful resorts to refreshing beaches. A combination of these factors creates a distinct vacation that you may not be able to find someplace else.

Some batam island holiday packages include a trip to Singapore or vice versa. Mostly, these packages last for at least 2 days minimum although you can always pick something else with a longer duration. One thing to keep in mind regarding these packages are that they always include a 2-way ferry ticket so make sure that you are there at the port on the day stated on the ticket lest you will have to spend even more to afford another ticket for a ferry that will bring you back to your point of origin. This is important; Batam may be the place you forget about time, what with its many shopping centers and quality souvenirs that are sure to trigger shopping spree.

Apart from that, here is a batam island what to do list that you can use as a guide:

  • Enjoy your shopping spree in Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

Nagoya Hill is the largest shopping mall in Batam. As such, it is the most packed full of people and oft-visited. You can find everything in the mall: perfumes, clothes, souvenirs, and electronics are only to mention a few.

  • Get sweaty doing some outdoor activity

Flying fox, jet-skiing, wind-surfing, and parasailing are some of the activities that may get you all sweaty.

  • Hunt for the best deal in Batam City Square Mall

The BCS Mall is where you can find clothing at the cheapest rate. Cheap but quality nail salons are at the ready for those wishing to do their nails. Indonesian cuisine can be experienced through varieties of restaurants in this area.

  • Go kart is always a choice

Nothing can beat the feeling you get as you gear your car at max speed, make a sharp turn, and have yourself splashed by puddles of water on the floor.

  • Kayaking like a king

Kayaking is the best way of having some fun while shedding some extra calories.

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