Make Plans for Live Music Concerts and Lead A Happier and Healthier Life

Yes, you read it right! Attending concerts makes our life more exciting.  Close your eyes and picture a dashing concert you attended earlier where the band performed your favorite song and you sang along at the top of your lungs, couldn’t stop dancing and lost yourself all over again to the particular music. Such kind of unforgettable memories don’t come along often.

What makes live concerts the perfect weekend plan?

Watching a concert from the comfort of your home doesn’t come even a wee bit close to watching it in real. Though watching and taking it all alone in an intimate setting is euphonious, a great concert is a magical experience.

People are spoilt for choice when it comes to concerts in NYC. Birdland is an impressive jazz club featuring top performing artists. Check out their website for news on all upcoming concerts and plan a unique date night accordingly. Concerts are not only about fun. It is packed with numerous other benefits.

Reduce stress: Stress reduction is like the need of the hour for most of us. Musical performances reduce the release of stress hormone cortisol thus calming our nerves. Decrease in cortisol levels is associated with:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Calm breathing
  • Reduced heart rate

Boost mood: If all days were fun and happy, then every day would seem normal. You can experience the good only when you know what it’s like when hitting the rocks. Music concerts packed with guitars and dancing people helps you get through a bad day.

A feeling of togetherness: Those who have been to a concert know how amazing it feels when being a part of a huge crowd. With everyone gathered for the same reason and erupting for kickass songs, you’ll get a feeling of community.

Pain relief: Studies reveal that attending live concerts cause an analgesic effect on many people during a procedure and post-procedure. During a music concert, brain releases endorphins and dopamine which blocks pain.

Meet your idol: A breath-taking benefit of live music concerts is meeting your superstars and idols in person. Many of us have a band close to our heart that helped us heal through a rough time. Imagine the joy of meeting them in person and getting an autograph.

Self-reflection: Listening to specific songs would get our memories gushing. We would be reminded about the moments we replayed the song and felt joy, sadness, regret or lust. Reliving those moments gives us an opportunity to reflect who we were back then and see how much we have evolved now.

Great exercise: Dancing during the show and walking around the venue leaves you physically active throughout the show. You are working out in a fun way without even realizing it. You also give your diaphragm a workout when you sing and cheer.

General sense of wellbeing: People who often attend concerts were found to be merrier and had a zest for life as they are always looking forward for something.

Improve social connections:  Attending concerts with friends and family also has a positive impact on relationships. It is a great activity that calls for putting away your phones and rejoice together.

Music is food for body, mind and soul. Celebrate it by attending concerts with your loved ones and reap the benefits.

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