Ideas for Your Dream Home Theatre

Home theatres also called home cinemas are audio-visual systems that replicate a movie theatre mood and experience using audio and video type of equipment. Nowadays they are one of the most demanded and loved entertainment zone at home. Not just for entertainment, they are also preferred for the look of luxury they add to the room. If you love home theatres, here are a few things you need to know before setting one at your home.

Basic requirements

  1. Find a suitable location

Choose a location that gets minimum natural light, or let’s say it is dark and quiet. So, your mood will not be spoiled by external light and sound. Most people prefer the basement due to its silent environment. However, you can opt for your spare bedroom, pool house, garden shed, unused garage or walk-in-closets for the same.

  1. Wiring availability

Always see how much and how perfectly you can do the wiring of the place. You need to have wiring for light, sound and internet access. Though the internet is optional, you need to focus on the other three. In addition to that, you can also insulate the place for better sound quality.

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  1. Equipment

It’s the most important thing because that’s what going to keep us occupied. Always look for the following things while buying a home theatre system –

  • Size – know the dimensions of your location and choose one that fits the apt. (the dimension of the desired wall where you are going to put the projection and the room will decide the size of the screen or TV and speakers you can buy)
  • Cost – don’t buy the system that will cost an arm and a leg, always look for pocket-friendly products.
  • Complexity – it solely depends on your ability to handle the product. If you can handle the AV system, lightings and other electronics with a single universal remote, you can choose what type of system or you can go for a wireless smartphone or tablet system or a whole home automated system.
  • Quality – the quality of the product is a must. No matter how much you pay, if you get a low-quality product your whole experience will be spoiled. Therefore, always do quality check before buying a home theatre.
  1. Designing

Designing is the part that indirectly adds too many effects to your movie experience. If you like to do creative work you can take up a theme for the room. You can design your room with furniture and other decorative materials that will go according to your theme. Moreover, you can make cinema-style stadium seating with large arm-chairs or with simpler seating, couches, chairs, carpet, curtains. However, the installation of a popcorn maker or any similar machine might vary from person to person.


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