Don the Perfect Steampunk Outfit by Learning the Basics of This Quirky Style

The 19th century saw much industrial advancement. The fashion during the time was a blend of Victorian era’s romantic view of science in industrial evolution. It gradually had an influence on people making its way into both informal and work attire. With the right mix of professional and casual fashion, Steampunk is trending even now

Choosing the right Steampunk outfit:

The Steampunk fever is going high in dressing up at parties, convention and events. With that in mind, it is important for people to understand more about the style to incorporate it. For a better idea check out Steampunk couples costumes online.

  • What’s on your mind?

Are you looking to add a dash of eccentricity to your work clothes or are you looking for something full-blown Steampunk? Sometimes people even wear it to reflect their culture while some choose anything which can be durable.

  • Choose a steampunk character:

It can be adventurer, military personnel, explorers, bohemians, performers or even librarians.

  • Decide on the budget:

Due to the wide selection of products available, set a budget beforehand. A nice outfit can be designed as low as $20 or as high as $2000. With creativity, you can cut down the cost involved to an unimaginable level.

Clothing options: Waistcoat, frock coat, high collar shirt, high waist trousers, bloomers, ankle length skirt or tailcoat, high neck blouse, military jackets are the basics. Women generally wore corsets outside their clothes.


We are left with many options – hats, cravat, spats, fascinator, gloves, bustle drape, crinoline cage or button boots. Instead of opting for many jewels work your look with one piece of jewel if you want to keep it low.

While you may not find it appropriate to wear flying goggles to work, you still have other versatile choices.  A simple antique brooch or a steampunk style necklace would do the trick.


Since steampunk fashion takes inspiration from Victorian era, old fashioned hairstyles were the norm. You could do either subtle curling or a half-up do type of hairstyle. If you find it time-consuming to curl your hair, careful placement of accessories achieves the look easily.

Wear your tresses down, pull half of it back and clip it together with an antique brass style clip. If you prefer wearing your hair up, knot it into a tight bun with an antique copper or brass clip.

Colour palettes:

If you look at steampunk couples costumes online, they would be muted and subtle or bright and bold. Dark or earthy shades are more in line with the Victorian fashion. For an everyday look for men, muted tones like greys and browns are ideal.

A grey waistcoat paired with fitted blazer and trousers are perfect to wear to work. Add pocket watch and cufflinks for a more Victorian look.

 Props and accessories:

You can add some accessories and still have an understated look you aim for. You can incorporate the motifs and symbols such as maps, typewriters, sea monsters that are synonymous to steampunk. You can use accessories or prints in any of these symbols.

Remember to add goggles, rocket pack, wings or stripy stockings to create a wow factor. It is totally up to you to dress up wild or subtle. Online portals make it possible to create any desired look.

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